Information Booklets

The New Zealand Acromegaly Society has produced a series of Information Booklets, written specifically for acromegaly patients in New Zealand.

This series of Information Booklets are adapted from a similar series written by The UK Pituitary Foundation, and have been extensively reviewed by our medical advisory committee. We hope they help you understand your condition better, and offers you a basis of discussion with your GP, endocrinologist and neurosurgeon.

The electronic version of the acromegaly information booklets are now FREE to download. To download click on the images below:

Ordering booklets

Hardcopies of the information booklets are available FREE to our members, you can request a copy to be posted to you free of charge using the form below.

Alternatively if you are not a member, hard copies of these information booklets are available for $2.50 each, this is to help cover our printing and postage costs.

Please select the booklet(s) you would like to order: