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The New Zealand Acromegaly Society has produced a series of Information Booklets, written specifically for acromegaly patients in New Zealand.

This series of Information Booklets are adapted from a similar series written by The UK Pituitary Foundation, and have been extensively reviewed by our medical advisory committee. We hope they help you understand your condition better, and offers you a basis of discussion with your GP, endocrinologist and neurosurgeon.

The first booklet in this series, titled “Acromegaly”, gives a comprehensive outline of the condition acromegaly, including symptoms, diagnosis and different treatments currently available. We believe the information contained in this booklet is important for all acromegaly patients, and a free hard copy is provided to all our new members.

The second booklet “Hydrocortisone Advice for Patients”, is designed for those who have developed secondary adrenal insufficiency and requires hydrocortisone replacement therapy. Included are advice for dose adjustments and a pictorial guide to giving emergency hydrocortisone injections.

The third booklet “Pituitary Surgery” tells what to expect before, during, and after pituitary surgery.

The fourth booklet “Radiotherapy for Pituitary Tumours” explains the different types of radiotherapy used for pituitary tumours, and includes photos from our own stereotactic radiotherapy/radiosurgery unit in Dunedin Hospital.

The electronic version of the acromegaly information booklets are now FREE to download:

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Hardcopies of the information booklets are available FREE to our members, you can request a copy to be posted to you free of charge using the form below.

Alternatively if you are not a member, hard copies of these information booklets are available for $2.50 each, this is to help cover our printing and postage costs.

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